• Innovate with Engagement

    Use Yammer for employee ideas, insight and feedback. Increase efficiency, uncover new products and services and find better ways of working.

Sideways 6 integrates with Yammer and Office 365, allowing organisations to seamlessly run structured employee idea campaigns.

Crowdsource Ideas


Collaborative innovation and idea management that works


  • 10x the engagement of most idea management platforms
  • Never miss a good idea in your company
  • Spend your time implementing, not managing, ideas


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Engage Your People


Employees love making themselves heard


  • Show that you value your people’s insights and expertise
  • Nurture two-way conversations with employees
  • Drive digital engagement on Yammer


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Improve the Business


Improve the business with those people who know it best


  • Identify inefficiencies and improve processes
  • Improve customer experience and satisfaction
  • Find opportunities for additional revenue streams


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Over a quarter (28%) of all software deployed in large enterprises goes unused. That’s over one in four software systems purchased by your typical FTSE500 company that ends up not being used, even by the departments and employees who purchased it.1

Of course, every purchase starts off with the right intentions…