Nurture a Culture of Innovation and Improvement

  • Wouldn’t it be great if looking for ways to improve the business was the new normal amongst your frontline employees?

    Idea campaigns run on enterprise social networks are exceptionally engaging because of their social and accessible nature. This makes them so powerful that they help embed and nurture a distinct culture where people are constantly looking out for ways to improve the business.

“Sideways 6 was the natural choice for Virgin Trains because it complements our thriving Yammer community so seamlessly. I consider the Sideways6 team as strategic partners in our drive to be even more innovative as a business, and I'm delighted with the results thus far.”

– Drew McMillan, Head of Innovation and Internal Communications

“We believe that innovation needs to be at the heart of our business.  Since 2014 we have been working with a start-up called Sideways 6 which helps us to achieve that. Their collaborative innovation and idea management tool allows us to crowdsource ideas from across our businesses to drive great ideas and accelerated change.”

– Stephen Scott, Head of Innovation, International Airlines Group (British Airways)

Nurture a Culture of Innovation and Improvement with Sideways 6

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