ESN Engagement

Boost adoption and usage of your enterprise social network with engaging campaigns and smart analytics

Sideways 6 adds capabilities that help with that and allow departments to achieve more with the enterprise social network.

Keep Activity High on Your Enterprise Social Network

  • Employee Idea Campaigns

    Offer your enterprise social network as the prime way for employees to share their ideas and insights. This will help establish your enterprise social network among employees, especially those based outside the office.

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  • “Our ideas campaign was the first time our people were given a real purpose to post on Yammer, We have experienced an upsurge in Yammer usage across our business with all our offices and business units creating their own Yammer pages to communicate local messages and collaborate”

  • Social Recognition

    Like standalone ideas apps, standalone apps for social recognition suffer from adoption problems. The enterprise social network, however, helps propel any social recognition campaign by making it more accessible to employees and more social in nature.

    At British Airways, this integrated approach helped them to multiply the impact of social recognition and to get rid of their expansive standalone apps.

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Adding Vital Capabilities to Your Enterprise Social Network

  • Onboard New Network Joiners

    You only get one chance to make a good first impression with a new joiner. Can you rely on people ‘figuring it out’?

    Send a series of automated, targeted messages to new network joiners, informing them about what the enterprise social network is for and how to use it.

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  • “In a diverse workforce with varying levels of IT experience, colleagues have appreciated a friendly face to welcome and guide them in using a tool they may be nervous of or not understand.”

  • Smart Analytics

    Understand your network, your people, and your campaigns with intelligent insights from Sideways 6.

    • Spot the posts that spark most discussions
    • Find the users who are most actively contributing
    • Find the users who receive most likes and comments
    • Identify the topics that come up most often
    • Analyse people’s sentiment in general or toward a certain topic

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  • “Sideways 6 has allowed us to move from manual, resource intensive measurement to quick and easy 'push of a button' data generation. It has improved the credibility of our comms approach, helping us to demonstrate success and thus secure buy-in for future activities.”

Boost your Yammer or Workplace network with Sideways 6

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