Sideways 6 Services

Having worked with a vast array of clients from wide ranging industries, we have built expert knowledge about how to drive successful innovation through employee ideas crowdsourcing. Managing your campaigns, helping you drive engagement across the business, strategic planning... You name it, we can help!

  • Employee Ideas Strategy

    Our expert strategists will help you design your overall employee ideas strategy.

    This will enable you to fully accelerate on your most important business goals.

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  • Employee Ideas Champion Workshops

    Our workshops help create buzz and drive continuous engagement throughout your employee ideas program.

    Led by an expert Sideways 6 consultant we will help you build an army of employee ideation champions across your organisation.

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  • Sideways 6 Managed Service

    No time or resource to manage your employee ideas campaigns?

    Our managed service is an extension of your employee ideas team.

    We take care of running your campaigns helping you drive the best possible outcome of your investment.

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Learn more about innovation and engagement

    Learn more about how our services can help you build a better business with employee ideas. 

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