High Engagement, Low Workload,
Great Results

  • Leverage Your Enterprise Social Network

    Your employees don’t have to come to the idea campaign anymore, the ideas campaign comes to them.

    Leverage your existing enterprise social network for exceptional campaign engagement and success.

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  • Manage Ideas Efficiently

    Keep track of your people’s insights with our intuitive and efficient idea dashboard.

    Automatically collate ideas posted on your network. Tailor idea stages and statuses to you preferred workflow.

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  • Easily find the best ideas

    Identifying the best ideas does not need to be a lengthy process.

    Automatically allocate and send ideas to relevant in-house experts for review.

    The intuitive review interface helps reviewers complete their evaluations in no-time.

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  • Automatically close the feedback loop

    For sustained campaign participation, make sure you keep all participating employees in the loop.

    Send your idea submitters mass-personalised thank you notes, updates on how their idea is faring at review, or your congratulations on those 10 likes their idea received.

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  • Smart Analytics

    Understand your people and your employee idea campaign with intelligent insights.

    • Spot the ideas that spark most discussions
    • Find your influencers and champions
    • Identify the most topics that come up most often
    • Analyse people’s sentiment toward certain ideas and topics

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  • Secure and IT team-friendly

    We understand that employee insights are filled to the brim with sensitive info, which is why we make the commitment to take good care of your data.

    To ensure that, we comply with industry best practices and carry out regular vulnerability scanning and penetration testing.

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  • Does my enterprise social network have enough uptake for idea campaigns?

    MOST DO. In principle, the enterprise social network does not need to be particularly advanced or mature. Running employee idea campaigns is in itself a way to increase the uptake of enterprise social networks.

  • Does it take much time to manage hundreds or even thousands of ideas?

    NO. Filtering and reviewing takes surprisingly little time. We found that our customers are rather quick at this. Finding the best of 500 ideas does not usually take more than a couple of hours.

  • How secure is our data in Sideways 6?

    VERY SECURE. With Sideways 6, you leverage your enterprise social network and we make sure that all data will be stored on the same server your enterprise social network uses.

Start leveraging your enterprise social network for idea campaigns.

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