Customer Success Team

We guide, advise, consult, and support our customers at all stages of their innovation journey.

  • Help Work the Platform

    Our team makes sure that all customers get the most out of the platform. They introduce you to the Sideways 6 platform and they are always available to answer questions about the use of the platform.

  • Making Employee Idea Campaigns Work

    Our customers do not only have access to our innovation platform. They also have access to the knowledge and expertise we have acquired from powering innovation at numerous FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 companies from various industries.

  • Sideways 6 Customer Community

    We encourage peer-to-peer knowledge sharing amongst our customers. The Sideways 6 Customer Community is a group of FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 companies who share their experiences in innovating and engaging with employee ideas.

    The community holds a quarterly conference and is connected through a dedicated Yammer network.

“It’s the Sideways 6 team that tend to be approaching us with ideas about what might work better, top tips, and technical solutions.

I was really impressed by the care and attention that Sideways 6 gave us.”

“Best of all is the relationship we've developed with the team at Sideways 6. They've always been on hand to support with any issues or questions we may have.”

Start leveraging your enterprise social network for idea campaigns.

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