The Sideways 6 Approach

Ideas Campaigns on Your Enterprise Social Network Achieve Unprecedented Engagement and Unprecedented Success

Sideways 6 offers a new way for involving your people in idea campaigns.

The days of hard-to-adoptsingle-purpose ideas apps is over.

It is time to bring idea campaigns right into the open and social channels your employees already use: Your Enterprise Social Network.

Sideways 6 is the intelligence layer on top of your enterprise social network helping you run your ideas campaign, communicate with your crowd, and find the best ideas. 

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The Power of the Sideways 6 Approach

“Sideways 6 was the natural choice for us because it leverages our thriving Yammer community so seamlessly.

I consider the team as strategic partners in our drive to be even more innovative as a business, and I'm delighted with the results thus far”

– Drew McMillan, Head of Innovation and Internal Communications, Virgin Trains

  • Higher Engagement

    Higher Engagement

    By leveraging the enterprise social network the ideas campaign instantly capitalises on a pre-existing community and the social nature of the network.

  • Better Results

    Better Results

    The openness of enterprise social networks makes people submit more substantive ideas and add value with comments.

  • Leverage Existing Channels

    Leverage Existing Channels

    Avoid yet another expensive app; capitalise on existing infrastructure investments; get a chance to boost usage of existing channels.

  • Enterprise IT Ready

    Enterprise IT Ready

    We comply with industry best practices and carry out regular vulnerability scanning and penetration testing.

Start leveraging your enterprise social network for idea campaigns.

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