The complete crowdsourcing and idea management solution

Find ideas from Yammer and Office 365, engage employees in innovation, and manage, review, analyse and action ideas around key topics in your organisation.

Supercharge engagement in innovation

Sideways 6 plugs into your existing intranet or ESN, and automatically captures relevant ideas from conversations posted by employees in real time.

Start with your people

Identify the best ideas within the organization, and use the innovation potential of your company’s DNA to overcome important challenges.

Capture more ideas, waste less time

Use keywords, hashtags and discussion groups on Yammer to ensure all ideas are captured automatically. Stop wasting time with manual inputs.

Review and action the best ideas

Reward innovators and identify influencers across departments, organizational structures and geographical locations. Assign idea owners to take the best ideas forward, and get results.

Measure and improve as you go

Measure real-time engagement and campaign success using your own metrics. Schedule automated messages targeting all contributors. Change statuses and review stages as you go.

Go beyond crowdsourcing

Own your data. Export all your data at any time and integrate with our fully featured API

Key features


Connect with your Enterprise Social Networks

Tap into existing discussions

Use hashtags, keywords and groups


Sentiment analysis

Discover trends

Make analytics-led decisions


Run expert reviews

Use Yammer Polls to test employee opinion

Listen to the voice of the crowd


Personalise messages

Automate communications

Spread the message across groups and departments


Assign idea owners

Reward innovators and influencers

Optimise your innovation process


Customise the innovation pipeline

Change idea statuses and stages

Align with your innovation process

Engage employees in innovation

Employee engagement is key to promoting open-innovation and collaboration in a digital workplace. But getting employees to use a new tool often looks like setting yourself up for failure.

With Sideways 6, employees continue using Yammer and Office 365, while managers have access to a a powerful data-driven idea management platform.

Be more productive

Clients using Sideways 6 save on average 100 hours a month vs crowdsourcing using Yammer or Sharepoint alone. With Sideways 6 the burden of manually updating spreadsheets with employees ideas is completely removed.

Have time for what truly matters, and make sure that your big picture vision is not delayed by the pain of managing details.

See ideas and interaction in real-time

With Sideways 6 you can view new contributions in real time, and discover popular ideas as soon as they gain traction.

Manage thousands of interactions

Whether you’re managing 1000 or 100,000 employees globally, make sure all their ideas and contributions are captured in real time.

Gain more insights, worry less

Your innovation program or employee engagement strategy is unique. Make the most our of Sideways 6 by customising innovation pipelines, review criteria, and change idea statuses to reflect your vision and your organisation’s workflow.

Get the entire organisation on board, collaborate on open-ended campaigns, or let someone else take the lead on a timed idea crowdsourcing program.

Always there for you

Our product is continuously improving based on your feedback. Over the past few months, we have launched tablet review apps, introduced sentiment analysis, perfected our analytics and reporting tools, and built widgets for Sharepoint.

Our mission is to support you in your journey, delivering and perfecting our platform as we grow with and learn from our valuable customers.

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Integrate with Yammer in seconds

Integrating Sideways 6 with Yammer takes one click of a button and less than 60 seconds.



Filter and review ideas in no time

Our clients save hundreds of hours a month managing crowdsourcing with Sideways 6. You can easily filter the most popular ideas and transfer them to different stages in the pipeline. Waste less time with manual work, and spend more focusing on what matters.


A complete analytics dashboard

Measure engagement and campaign success in real time against your own criteria using our advanced analytics panel.


Leading companies use Sideways 6 to power innovation campaigns and boost employee engagement. What about you?
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