Power & Utilities

These utilities companies leverage Sideways 6 to improve the business with frontline insights

  • British Gas
  • Centrica
  • Severn Trent
  • Utilities companies are pushing toward innovation and are eager to generate revenue and reduce costs.

  • Most utilities companies happen to have ideas schemes in place but find it hard to engage their frontline workers.

  • However, many utilities companies have active enterprise social networks which they can easily leverage for capturing the ideas and insights their frontline workers have.

British Gas saves £3.4 million from a single idea

British Gas actively listen to their frontline workers’ ideas for improving the business. Engineers and call centre staff alike share their insights from the frontline and help the business generate £20m in business value.

“The volume of ideas now being submitted has improved dramatically. I only wish S6 had been in place when I used to process and allocate submissions. So much time wasted.”

– British Gas

Improve Customer Experience and Reduce Costs with Employee Ideas

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