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These airlines, rail, and bus companies leverage Sideways 6 to improve the business with frontline insights

  • International Airlines Group
  • British Airways
  • Virgin Trains
  • London Midland
  • In a climate of ever increasing competition amongst retailers, getting traveller experience and satisfaction is the key to success.

  • Who knows better what delights your customers than your plane and train crews who talk to passengers on a daily basis?

  • Many large airlines, railways, and bus companies have active enterprise social networks which they can easily leverage for capturing the ideas and insights their in-store employees have.

“Sideways 6 was the natural choice for Virgin Trains because it complements our thriving Yammer community so seamlessly. I consider the Sideways6 team as strategic partners in our drive to be even more innovative as a business, and I'm delighted with the results thus far.”

– Drew McMillan, Head of Innovation and Internal Communications

“We believe that innovation needs to be at the heart of our business. Since 2014 we have been working with a start-up called Sideways 6 which helps us to achieve that.

Their collaborative innovation and idea management tool allows us to crowdsource ideas from across our businesses to drive great ideas and accelerated change.”

– Stephen Scott, Head of Innovation, International Airlines Group (British Airways)

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