Our Friends and Partners

We collaborate with leading firms and experts who share our mission:
Help large organisations innovate and engage with their employees.

We are proud of the company we keep:

  • Microsoft
  • Yammer
  • WM Reply
  • SWOOP Analytics
  • WireTap
  • tyGraph
  • Innosis
  • Alive with Ideas
  • Engage Works
  • Whitespace Ventures
  • Engage Squared
  • Simply Communicate
  • Joint Events and Webinars

    We join forces with partner firms to organise kick-ass innovation breakfasts, panels, workshops, meet-ups, and webinars.

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  • Joint Service Offerings

    We collaborate with innovation and communications specialists to spice up our clients' idea programmes.

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  • Referrals

    Connect us with someone who’s interested in innovating with employee ideas. We’ll reward you when they turn into clients.

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The 'Idea Beer'

January 2018


A special treat for partners and friends of Sideways 6: Our Idea Beer. Brewed by ourselves and with lots of love, it is designed to spark many good ideas. But please innovate responsibly!

Interested in becoming a partner and friend of ours?

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